DQ Channels Jury meet recognizes partner excellence

The summit brings together, the National IT associations as well the different IT associations representing Western region (TAIT, CMDA, ACMA, ISODA, ASIRT& others).

The discussion would range from critical operational challenges facing the entire partner fraternity today.

These include:

  • HR Issues (Poaching Menace)
  • Marketing Issues (Digital Marketing/Campaigns)
  • Monetary Issues (Credit Management/Cash Flow Management)
  • Financing Options (Issues)

This is the only forum in the country, which brings together more than 100 key SIs, Partners, Distributors, Resellers and Vendors together to draw the roadmap and define the best practices for the channel partners to follow.

  • September 2017, Mumbai
  • 24th November 2017, Chennai
  • 23rd February 2018, New Delhi